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Do you want a collaboration with Wellness Spots, a Wellness Lifestyle Magazine in the field of well-being and wellness? All editors of those works for Wellness Spots have an affinity with Spa & Wellness and knowledge of a specific niche within the theme. Weekly new inspirational articles appear on Wellness Spots.

Wellness Spots as media partner
Wellness content creating agency

Refuel, Recharge & Relax, that is Wellness Spots. Spa & Wellness, is a theme that contain many facets and it is beautiful that everyone can interpret it in a way that suits him or her. Whether you like to pursue a healthy lifestyle, want to spend a day at the sauna or stay in a wellness resort, want to bathe in hot springs on the other side of the world, want a nice bathroom at home with spa facilities or just a garden full of wellness options. Or do you want to relax during a retreat? Working on yourself during a detox and yoga holiday? Follow yoga classes weekly or likes to flow away in a zen mode. In the world of wellness, the possibilities are infinite…

Are you interested in a collaboration with Wellness Spots? We will gladly send you more information about the various possibilities. This can vary from content creation, advertorials, banners, product reviews to promotions. If you have a nice idea that matches our online Wellness Lifestyle Magazine, then we are very curious and we look forward to your message. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for a cooperation while enjoying a fresh smoothie, a caffè latte or a Chai tea, we will make time for that. Does this appeal to you and does it suit your company, brand and / or product? Feel free to contact us and send an e-mail to redactie@wellnessspots.com or call +31 – 6 1638 5038.

The stages of our wellness experiences content creation

  1. Dream
  2. Plan
  3. Book
  4. Experience
  5. Share
Wellness Tijdschrift - Wellness Spots Magazine

The editor team of Wellness Spots

Men and women who embrace life, want the best for themselves and who are interested in all that has to do with wellness, that is what the online Wellness Lifestyle Magazine, Wellness Spots focuses on. The editorial team of Wellness Spots have affinity with the wellness theme and regularly publish a variety of articles. The articles aim to inspire and inform people about interesting wellness news, tips for must have wellness products for the home, ideas for wellness treatments that you should definitely experience, challenges to live mind-full and healthy, the hotspots where you can relax and wellness trips that can not be missed on your bucket list. Each editor is an expert in a specific niche and can share in-depth knowledge surrounding the four sub-topics around wellness.

Would you like to know more about Wellness Spots and who the editorial staff are? Then view our ‘about Wellness Spots’ page. To create some overview in the range of articles we have chosen to subdivide the publications into the following four wellness themes:

Wat is Wellness Spots Magazine

Benefits of a collaboration 

What are the benefits of working with Wellness Spots? Henriëtte Bokslag is the publisher of Wellness Spots and started it in 2016. Henriëtte has been running a personal online travel magazine for years, Travelaroundwithme.com, on which she already wrote a lot about Spa & Wellness. Henriëtte likes to go to the sauna with friends for a day, bubbles after a day of skiing in a Jacuzzi, becomes happy with warm water jets in a natural spring, likes to discover wellness resorts and fine luxury wellness hotels at home and abroad, likes to massage and enjoy a me-time moment at a beautician. Walking with attention through nature and the handling of animals made it possible to launch a broadly oriented online wellness magazine. In two years she managed to attract other freelancers and editors by sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with the readers of Wellness Spots.

To keep abreast of all developments in the Spa & Wellness sector, a lot of information about the discipline is shared with the editorial team. Meetings and network events are regularly visited at home and abroad to keep up with the latest wellness trends. In 2022 we send out a press release about the Wellness Trends for 2022. Are you curious how other companies have experienced the collaboration? View the reference page and / or recommendations on Linkedin.

The advantages of a collaboration with Wellness Spots at a glance…

  1. Various articles rank on page 1 of Google;
  2. Dutch (NL) readers 80%, BE 15%, other countries 5%;
  3. Possibility of content strategy with Travelaroundwithme.com;
  4. Is new relevant information available? Then existing articles are updated;
  5. Want to receive more information and statistics? Send an e-mail to us;
  6. 80% of visitors read articles on WellnessSpots.com via ‘organic search‘;
  7. WellnessSpots.com is 5 years live and is Henriëtte her full-time work;
  8. Personal, honest writing style, mainly use of home-made photos and videos;
  9. Strong Dutch domain name (DA 30), high Trustflow and SEO friendly;
  10. The best wellness tips are shared daily in the digital Wellness Spots Magazine;
  11. Readers will be inspired via website, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest;
  12. All editors have thorough knowledge of the topics they write about, it is possible to work with a certain editor if there is a preference;
  13. In a cooperation regarding a wellness trip, it is announced in advance, told about it during the trip and afterwards.
*At some Spa & Wellness locations it is not allowed to take pictures during opening hours and produce video material. In this case, use is made of visual material provided by the location.
Wellness Spots

Collaboration WellnessSpots.com

At “Wellness Spots” there are various possibilities for cooperation. From (long-term) product, brand and/or destination campaigns to one-off content creation to bring a specific theme to the attention. The strength of Wellness Spots is that there is a diverse editorial team that all have an affinity with wellness. The personal writing style, content strategy possibilities and the diversity of possibilities ensure an ideal mix for a good cooperation. We believe in the power of collaboration. Do you have a specific goal? Let us know and we like to think about the ideal execution.

We all enjoy our own Wellness Lifestyle and travel to destinations where we each can enjoy a wellness moment in our own way. From soaking in natural baths, to yoga and detox trips to the most luxurious wellness hotels. We review wellness products, one editor does that with skincare products and the other editor devises nice wellness food or homemade beauty recipes. There is also the possibility of setting up giveaways for our readers with parties we support and believe in. Would you like to receive more information about our target group and the Wellness Spots media kit? Send an email to: redactie@wellnessspots.com.

  1. Reviews of wellness related products;
  2. We also make wellness videos and we can make drone shots;
  3. The editors can participate in group press trips, we prefer individual to get the best out of it;
  4. We believe in cooperation. Share your goal and we work together to achieve that goal through content creation.

Content creation, branded content & advertorials

Do you want to highlight a theme, bring information to the attention, are you looking for partners for a campaign? You name it and we think about how we can create content for that. Of course we can also discuss cooperation in consultation. As experiences content marketeers we look forward to discuss the possibilities. Have you written an advertorial yourself? We check if it fits Wellness Spots and rewrite if necessary so that it becomes a personal wellness tip. We will gladly send you a few examples by e-mail of successful collaborations.

Spa Parel in 't Groen - Het Boshuis 

Content creation in combination with affiliation marketing

We like to give our readers the very best tips in the field of the Wellness Lifestyle. Our readers can read our digital Wellness lifestyle Magazine for free and stay informed of all wellness trends and developments for free. This is of course only possible for the reader for free if something is earned on the other side.

One of our revenue models is the creation of content in combination with affiliate marketing. For this we work together with more than 100 partners through various Dutch and international marketing channels. Partnering based on affiliate marketing works very well for us because 87% of our readers come to our website through Google Organic Search.

This means that readers really search for something, find the answer with us and proceed to purchase, order or request more information. Because our readers click on a link, the other party knows that we have forwarded the reader and we receive a commission for this. We would be happy to send you a few examples by e-mail of successful affiliate collaborations. Below you can view a few example articles that are purely focused on content for affiliate marketing:

Anasa Wellness Resort – Bandarawela – Ella 

(Individual) Press trips

You organise a press trip for a group of journalists and / or bloggers because you want to put a wellness destination in the spotlight. Or you ask one of our editors to travel on an individual basis so that the person can discover exactly what suits her and what you want to show us. In consultation we create text, photo and video content. Curious what to expect after Welness Spots has been somewhere?

Vakantie op Gran Canaria

Reviews of beauty and wellness lifestyle products

We regularly write about wellness products that we use at home and when we travel. From delicious shampoos for a wellness moment at home, to hammam towels and convenient wellness lifestyle products. If we have experience with something and are satisfied with it, we would like to share it with our readers. Do you have a new product in the range? Ask Wellness Spots for a review. Reviews and online reviews have a major impact on the final decision of the consumer.

If necessary, we can expand the review collaboration with a giveaway. We only write about products that we support and that we actually use. The Wellness Spots editorial team is composed in such a way that we are at home in all wellness areas. For every editorial member, we only write reviews about products we receive for testing. The products are photographed in a place that fits the product. That can be a bathroom, at home or at a travel destination.

The Gift Label Amsterdam


You have a (new) wellness product that you think fit with the Wellness Spots target group. You want to generate attention and put together a prize with Wellness Spots. Your product is brought to the attention and we can surprise our readers with a gift. A win-win situation. Examples of previous competitions on Wellness Spots are:

Een mooie huid van binnenuit met Collageenkookboek

Wellness video reports

Pictures say more than 1000 words! That is why we like to make inspiring wellness videos for our customers. For example, we visited Thermen Binnenmaas outside opening hours for a Winter Wellness video report in the snow.

♥ Discover our Wellness Spots YouTube channel.
♥ Have a look at the complete Thermen Binnenmaas wellness report.

Drone photography and video reports

You can show so much with images from the air. Our readers can see more of the area at a glance! In addition, with drone photography and video you can map a location very differently, which is perhaps even more appealing. We also make drone photography and video reports on request.

Email us for the possibilities. In the two wellness reports below you can see more drone images from us. Be sure to watch the video above as well. Discover the Wellness Spots YouTube channel here.

Wellness vakantie op Gran Canaria

Creating wellness content for your website

Do you want inspiring texts and images on your website? We can also create commissioned content for brands, services and tourism organizations.

♥ Discover all these wellness tips for a wellness holiday at Aruba.
♥ We share the best Wellness Spots in The Hague for The Hague Marketing.

Massage op het strand Aruba - Purun Spa Bucuti Tara

Text and image creation for magazines

Basically, we are specialized in digital text and image productions, or content creation. In addition, we are occasionally asked for a wellness report in a magazine. One of our editors is also a freelance journalist for several leading magazines in the Netherlands.

♥ A western wellness travel article in Wellness Magazine.
Winter Wellness report for the Dutch Innsbruck Magazine

Winter Wellness Innsbruck Magazine

Post part of our wellness content on your website

Have you asked us for an editorial, a review, a travel experience, a press trip or a giveaway? As a result of our article, you can of course also give a short introduction to your website and link to us for more information. These parties preceded you:

Wellness Spots about Miracles by Stella.
Wellness Spots about our Mölke experiences.
Wellness Spots about our Hof van Salland experiences.

Wellness Spots Magazine

Location scout for beautiful wellness locations

As far as we are concerned, you tell the most beautiful and best wellness stories with the right images in the best location that fits. Since we travel all over the world, we have now discovered hundreds of beautiful wellness locations that we share in this Wellness Lifestyle Magazine. We do hours of research for our reports, which means that you could also call us a location scout that can help you to find the best wellness location for a fotoshot, tv commercial or video report.

♥ More info: Wellness Spots as locationscout for beautiful wellness locations

Locatiescout voor mooie wellness locaties 

Photo product shoots on location, product photography

We travel all over the world for our reports and visit the most beautiful places where we can do product shoots. Do you want to have new hiking shoes photographed on a beautiful mountain path? Do you want to have slippers photographed at a swimming pool?

A bathrobe photographed at a sauna or hot tub or a plaid with a red wine by the fireplace? Ask us about the possibilities and we can take the products with us on a trip for a photo product shoot on location.

♥ More info: examples of our product photograhy on location.
♥ More info: Wellness Spots as locationscout for beautiful wellness locations

Product shoots op locatie

Mystery Shoppers including a report with points for improvement

Mystery shoppers drop by unannounced to inspect and assess a location. This revolves around the spa and wellness facilities, the hygiene of the facilities, the water temperature, etc. In addition, a logical use of the space is considered, no obstacles, smooth floors on which one can slip.

Based on the visit of one of the Wellness Spots Mystery Shoppers, a report including remarks, comments, possible points of attention and plus points will be drawn up.

♥ Contact us for the possibilities via the contact form.

Linnen handdoeken voor je haar

Wellness Consultant

We are increasingly being asked whether we are available as a wellness consultant. This often involves thinking along with a location about the spa- and wellness design, the possibilities within the spa and wellness industry and what wellness enthusiasts are looking for.

We have visited hundreds of spa and wellness locations worldwide, which has shown us a lot of inspiration and possibilities. Which locations are doing well, which are not. What do guests like to see and what are the developments in the spa and wellness industry.

♥ Hire us if you are looking for a Wellness consultant;
♥ This is inspiring! The Wellness Trends for this moment!
♥ Please contact us for the possibilities via the contact form.

In de media

Webcare, we continue to keep our readers up to date

There are now more than 1000 reports on Wellness Spots. We do our best to keep our information as relevant as possible. Because we really focus on SEO, we generally do not post prices and opening times on the website. Purely due to the fact that this is subject to change.

We work on Wellness Spots every day, which means that we regularly update, go through and refresh our content. As a partner of Wellness Spots, you can rest assured that after a collaboration we always ensure that our readers receive the correct information.

We regularly receive questions from our readers by e-mail and sometimes we are also called. It appears that in a number of cases we are better accessible or found through Google than the provider itself. Take advantage of this and discover with Wellness Spots which target group can appeal to you.

Krullen kapper in Almere Poort

Work with us and respond to trends and developments

As Wellness Experts we ensure that we are constantly informed of the wellness trends and developments. We visit trade fairs, network a lot and read a lot of trend reports, we stay up to date as possible.

Our expertise enables us to translate trends and developments into a good content strategy. By responding to this with our partners, we always continue to create relevant content. We recently conducted an extensive research into the Wellness Trends for 2022. We translated the trends into English for you.

  1. Selfness
  2. Wellness experiences
  3. JOMO > Joy Of Missing Out
  4. Luxury private saunas
  5. More privacy, peace and nature
  6. Workation, first work then relax
  7. Slow, sustainable and eco-friendly travel
  8. Natural products, local entrepreneurs and beautiful crafts
  9. Special wellness experiences and wellness themed trips
  10. Create your Wellness Lifestyle

♥ Here you can see our 10 Wellness Trends for 2022!

Privé sauna met jacuzzi buiten - Brabant

Creation wellness news > share press release with NL & BE media

At the beginning of 2022, we researched the 10 Wellness Trends for 2022. We contacted Lieke Lamb, the Trend and leisure expert and CEO of the Future Expertise Center in The Netherlands to view the Wellness Trends we spotted from her trend vision.

As a result of this research, we had a press release sent out in The Netherlands and Belgium by a renowned PR agency with the aim of putting the Wellness Lifestyle and all possibilities and facets that come with it in the spotlight.

We intend to share wellness news more often through press releases from now on. You can think of new trends that we spot, wellness topics that we believe everyone should know, the launch of new wellness products and responding to certain themes. For Valentine’s Day we share beautiful romantic Wellness Spots, on Animal Day we share relaxed and mindful activities with animals and on Earth Day we share the tips for relaxing in nature.

♥ Here you can see our 10 Wellness Trends for 2022!

Dé 10 Wellness Trends voor 2022 volgens Wellness Spots

Columnist Krant van de Aarde, newspaper of the earth

In 2022 Henriëtte was, on behalf of Wellness Spots, columnist for Krant van de Aarde, newspaper of the earth. It is a publication of the Earth Day Foundation. This means that from now on, 5 times a year (every 2 months) we inspire the readers of the newspaper of the earth with the finest wellness tips.

The earth has so many beautiful Wellness Spots to offer, from spa’s in the middle of nature to sustainable green hotels and holiday destinations where a lot of natural products are used. The Wellness Lifestyle Henriëtte has been writing about for years completely fits the target audience of Krant van de Aarde readers.

You can find the newspaper of the earth at more than 500 distribution points. At health food stores, home stores, health stores, world stores, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or if you have to be at the Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal.

Krant van de Aarde Wellness Spots Column Editie 1 2022
Krant van de Aarde

Wellness Spots in the media

Over the years Henriëtte Bokslag has been regularly asked by both digital and offline media to share her wellness tips and knowledge of the wellness industry. Wellness Spots is featured in this media in The Netherlands:

  1. EditieNL
  2. Vriendin
  3. Villa ‘d Arte
  4. VRIJ Magazine
  5. wellness magazine
  6. Krant van de Aarde
  7. Innsbruck Magazine

♥ Have a look here for all the Wellness Spots “In the media” publications.
♥ Take a look here to see all the media publications Henriëtte Bokslag got featured in.

Winter Wellness Innsbruck Magazine

Business branding of Wellness Spots via Giphy for Insta stories

Business branding is very important to us! We do our best to ensure that the way we present ourselves is linked as much as possible to the style of Wellness Spots. Our use of colour, the layout of the newsletter, the way we write and describe Wellness Spots etc.

Our personal and business branding of Wellness Spots to the world is also very important. It must be recognizable, contain our colours, fit within our Wellness Lifestyle, etc. We recently had a business and personal Giphy made on location.

For Wellness Spots we thought it was important that a business Giphy from Wellness Spots is recognizable, that various target groups can associate and identify with it and that it is immediately clear what we mean by it so that people will also use our GIF. For this Giphy Branding Wellness Spots shoot we took 2 models with a diverse appearance.

Do you also want to use the Wellness Spots GIF via Insta Stories? Nice! Go to Instagram Stories, select GIF and press in the search bar; “wellness spots” and you see them all.

♥ Follow Wellness Spots at Instagram.
♥ Discover all our
 Wellness Spots GIF’jes.
♥ Do you also want to maken your own GIF for branding? This is how we did that!

Zakelijke branding van Wellness Spots via Giphy

Content strategy with Henriëtte’s Travelaroundwithme.com

Henriëtte, who is the owner of Wellness Spots, started her career as a travel content publisher in 2013 at Travelaroundwithme.com. She also shared great Spa & Wellness Tips untill 2016, then Henriëtte decided to start Wellness Spots, which in 5 years has grown into the digital Wellness Lifestyle Magazine of The Netherlands.

It is now also possible to set up a content strategy with the 2 digital media that Henriëtte Bokslag publish. There are so many interesting combinations that you can make which you can reach even more people. What do you think about:

  1. Enjoy Horseriding & Wellness holidays
  2. Explore the world of Adventure & Wellness.
  3. The best of both worlds, enjoy Wine & Wellness.
  4. Travel around with me and drive a cool car during a wellness roadtrip thru Europe.
Locatiescout voor mooie wellness locaties

Discuss other options for collaborations 

In addition to the aforementioned possibilities, there are many more options for collaborations. We would like to send you more information about the possibilities. If you have a good idear to work together, we would of course like to hear that. Feel free to contact us and send an e-mail to redactie@wellnessspots.com or call Henriëtte via +31 – 6 1638 5038.

Wat is Wellness Spots Magazine

Succesfull collaborations with

The partners that Wellness Spots works with are very diverse. It varies from assignments with wellness resorts, collaborations via PR agencies to content creation on wellness destinations in consultation with traffic agencies, hotels, tour operators, excursions agencies, airlines and shipping companies. We also work together with publishers and providers of various wellness related products.

Are you interested in a collaboration WellnessSpots.com?

*In dit artikel staan zogenoemde affiliatie links vermeld. Klik jij op een van de linken dan weet de aanbieder dat je ze gevonden hebt via WellnessSpots.com. Als dank voor het doorsturen ontvangen wij een commissie. Jij betaalt niets extra’s voor je vakantie of product en op deze manier kunnen wij jou van gratis informatie over alle wellness mogelijkheden blijven voorzien. Voor meer informatie verwijzen wij naar onze privacy pagina en disclaimer informatie.


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