Selfness, woolness, vinotherapy, JOMO,10 Wellness Trends 2022 (English)

1 maart 2022
Dé 10 Wellness Trends voor 2022 volgens Wellness Spots

Selfness, woolness, vinotherapy, JOMO,10 Wellness Trends 2022 (English)


More and more people want to pamper themselves, need more ‘me-time’, are busy with ‘selfness’ or want to discover what woolness and vinotherapy are. Now more than ever, women and also men more often want to be able to completely relax and enjoy the things that are possible.


Special wellness experiences, wellness-themed travel, with your own group to a luxurious private sauna, first working and then relaxation during a workation, enjoy slow travel and go on a sustainable wellness holiday with attention to nature. We figured it all out and identified the top 10 wellness trends for 2022;


  1. Selfness
  2. Wellness experiences
  3. JOMO > Joy Of Missing Out
  4. Luxury private saunas
  5. More privacy, peace and nature
  6. Workation, first work then relax
  7. Slow, sustainable and eco-friendly travel
  8. Natural products, local entrepreneurs and beautiful crafts
  9. Special wellness experiences and wellness themed trips
  10. Create your Wellness Lifestyle


Wellness Spots is a Dutch (The Netherlands) digital Wellness Lifestyle Magazine. It is packed with tips about everything that has to do with well-being. We inspire wellness enthusiasts about everything that has to do with wellness and we now have more than 1000 great wellness tips for everyone who is interested in the Wellness Lifestyle. The 10 Wellness Trends of 2022 have been spotted by Wellness Spots.


We translated the Wellness Trends into English as more and more people where asking for that. The inserted links are referring to articles in Dutch language. More information about Wellness Spots, what we do and who we are you can read at our Wellness Spots collaboration page.


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Dé 10 Wellness Trends voor 2022 volgens Wellness Spots


1. Make time for Selfness

One of the most frequently mentioned New Year’s resolutions is to ‘relax more’ and ‘enjoy more’. Recent developments are clearly impacting our behavior and people are more conscious than ever about their health. We all hope that 2022 will be the year in which we can enjoy each other more and relax with fewer worries.


It is important that you take the time for a Me-Time moment, that you take good care of yourself, that you make sure that your house is a home where you can relax and that you try to enjoy the things that are possible. Selfness is something beautiful, make the time to pamper yourself so that you also mentally recharge and become more resilient. See creating your Wellness Lifestyle as a nice medicine.


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Wellness Trends 2022


2. Wellness experiences


Recent research by shows that the ’the-day-to-day feeling’, the desire to make every trip valuable and the wanderlust is high. We especially notice that the Wellness lust is increasing in all 8 wellness dimensions. More and more people are immersing themselves in the wonderful world of wellness and are ready to rediscover the world and make unforgettable memories.


One of the trends is that the people like to be surprised. is a well-known travel organization for the general public and at Vakantieadres Onbekend you can choose the Wellness & Romantic theme especially. It is one of the 10 Wellness Trends 2022.


♥ Discover extraordinary sauna’s and the most amazing massage locations in the world.


Wellness Trends 2022

3. JOMO > Joy Of Missing Out


Take good care of yourself preventively! Exercise more, eat healthier, make yourself more resilient to prevent burnout. It is time for more wellness that contributes to the well-being feeling. It used to be a luxury when you could go on holiday. Nowadays it is a luxury if you have the time to really relax and take good care of yourself. “About two in five Dutch people indicate that they have visited a sauna in the past year. The number one reason is relaxation,” says Frans Kragten of


Lieke Lamb, Trend and leisure expert and CEO of the Future Expertise Center: “As a counter-reaction to the volatile and rushed society we came from and partly forced by the pandemic, we have come to see how luxurious time can be. Taking time, not being rushed, not having to cross off lists. Take the tension off! We lived with FOMO (fear of missing out) for a long time, now that term has been replaced by the newest trend word: JOMO (Joy of missing out). You can be perfectly happy without racing around the world to fill your bucket list. Wellness is therefore gaining popularity. Time and reflection. Rest and relaxation. If you are in beautiful locations, really enjoy it. Take that time.


Luxury holiday homes are becoming increasingly popular, at almost all well-known holiday parks in the Netherlands you can now rent houses with a bubble bath in the garden, a hot tub in front of the door, a whirlpool in the bathroom, a Finnish or infrared sauna in the house or everything is outside in your house. wellness garden. In the booking behavior at Wellness Spots we see a significant increase in bookings for luxury holiday homes with wellness facilities. Especially nature houses are very popular.


Spa trips have always been available for people with, for example, psoriasis or rheumatic diseases. Spa Bad Bentheim just across the border near Enschede is a popular spa for the Dutch. People travel to the Dead Sea in Jordan for a cure or stay for a month in a wellness resort in Slovenia to drink water three times a day from a well where even the way of drinking and the temperature of the water is prescribed by your personal doctor who you have during your stay.


Wellness Retreats to distant places are offered from a minimum of 5 nights so that you can completely relax and really have the time to experience what that temporary different lifestyle does to you. You just need time to return home reborn. At JOALI BEING, the newest Wellbeing Retreat Resort in the Maldives, ‘Selfness’ is central. Well Living accommodations, Earth-to-Table nutritional experiences and wellness experts who let you experience “weightlessness”.


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♥ Read more about JOALI BEING, a well-being resort in the Maledives.


Digitaal Wellness Lifestyle Magazine

4. More and more luxury private saunas


A group accommodation that has been transformed into a Spa Pearl, a farmer who transforms stables into a luxurious private sauna, individuals who start a Bed & Wellness with private wellness facilities, closed bars that are converted into temporary private wellness apartments and a wellness boat that is purchased so that guests can literally dive into nature.


Dutch entrepreneurs are creative during the pandemic to supplement their income. A visit to a private sauna has become very popular, partly due to the closure of saunas and wellness resorts. In a private sauna you can enjoy all kinds of wellness facilities with your own company. Also no hassle with whether or not swimwear, in a private sauna you decide what you feel most comfortable with. The biggest advantage of visiting a private sauna is complete privacy, followed by hygiene and an intimate atmosphere.


A visit to a private sauna has become very popular, partly due to the closure of saunas and wellness resorts. In a private sauna you can enjoy all kinds of wellness facilities with your own company. Also no hassle with whether or not swimwear, in a private sauna you decide what you feel most comfortable with. Relax in the most beautiful private saunas in the Netherlands, where you can choose from basic to complete luxury with a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam cabin, bubble bath, indoor or outdoor swimming pool and you can often even spend the night there. It is one of the 10 Wellness Trends 2022 according to Wellness Spots.


Frans Kragten; “A survey by conducted by Markteffect shows that 68% of the Dutch do not yet know exactly what a private sauna actually is. There are two target groups. On the one hand, 40+ who really consciously choose beautiful and luxurious Bed & Wellness locations where they can spend the night and enjoy wellness facilities in complete privacy. On the other hand, they are 30+ guests who mainly opt for a private sauna to chill out for a few hours with their own partner or a small group.


We also see many guests who do not want to stay naked in a public place because of their religion, physical limitations or other private reasons. Many people think that a private sauna is a kind of club that is used as a sex venue. After an explanation of what the concept of private sauna exactly means, more than 62% of the respondents show an interest in visiting a private sauna. Ultimately, it’s about people being able to relax together undisturbed in privacy.


In Belgium, the use of private saunas is much better known, in Belgium you can choose from about 1000 locations, while in the Netherlands the offer is around 200 locations. So there is still plenty of potential to let the Dutch discover the private sauna offer. Kragten expects that at least 300 new private saunas will be added in the next 3 years!”.


Lieke Lamb agrees: “We have already seen it at the home bar, the man cave in the garden, an outdoor kitchen and garage parties. People are creative when it comes to relaxation. Hot tubs and saunas are no exception. Private and in smaller company only contributes to the feeling of total relaxation.”


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Spa Parel in 't Groen - Het Boshuis 

5. More privacy, peace and nature


The Dutch went out en masse in search of privacy and tranquility in nature. The Netherlands was rediscovered from luxury wellness holiday homes and camping and glamping enthusiasts got their money’s worth on wellness campsites. Also completely hip, Pop-Up Wellness locations. Travel to a Pop-Up Wellness a stone’s throw from The Hague at Buitenplaats Molenwei where you can stay in a Winterpod or rent a motorhome pitch with sauna or go into the woods at Winterwoods in Drenthe.


Travel to the Frisian countryside for one of the  best sauna’s with a view in the Netherlands, experience ‘Wellness op sien Tessels’ at the Dutch island Texel  where a wonderful wool bath awaits you and you even have an entire wellness route. Bathing between the ferns in a top location, “Since corona broke out and many saunas and wellness resorts had to close their locations, saw the number of reservations increase by more than 50%. Brabant has been number one for many years in terms of choice of private saunas”. Many beautiful private saunas are located in nature in Brabant.


One thing is certain, the Dutch don’t feel like mass tourism for a while. In that regard, Slovenia is highly recommended, which is ranked 5th in Best Destinations 2022 van Lonely Planet. Wellnessholics & Chocoholics can go to Chocolate village, you can climb the ‘Tower of health and happiness’ and bathe in black thermal water. The only other location in the world where this is possible is in Azerbaijan.


South Tyrol is also a Wellness Walhalla in the field of cures, wellness food, Kneipp walks and complete Kneipp spa farms. In the Czech Republic 3 spas have recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List which means they now have the name; May use ‘The Great Spas of Europe’. In Finland, one of the happiest countries in the world, it is the order of the day to meet in a sauna and chat while sweating.


Wellness Spots

6. Workation, first work then relax


A Zoom meeting, a network appointment via Teams. The Dutch have now proven that it is perfectly possible to work from home. All that sitting at home reduces your creativity and you just need to catch your breath and recharge outside your own environment. For many jobs, a table, a chair and internet are sufficient to be able to carry out the work.


Workations in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia have become increasingly popular in recent years. In the Netherlands there are even Tiny Offices for rent at the EuroParcs holiday parks where you can spend the night in a Tiny House and where there is a communal hot tub in the garden. The sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular, a hot tub surrounded by Tiny Houses is an example of this. It is one of the 10 Wellness Trends 2022.


Lieke Lamb: “With working from home and digitization, the boundary between work and private life is becoming smaller and more vague. It is therefore important to ensure a good balance between effort and relaxation. To provide enough fresh input and experiences to recharge. Combining the useful with the pleasant for a good balance.


Wellness trends 2022

7. Slow, sustainable and eco-friendly travel


We are living more and more consciously with more attention to nature. These developments are also reflected in the wellness behavior of people. Travelers stay longer in one place, people no longer want to check off lists to see everything, but enjoy discovering all the facilities in wellness resorts. They take a mindful walk with attention to nature or go forest bathing, a combination of mindfulness and meditation that is very popular in Japan and is called Shinrin Yoku.


More attention is being paid to the ecological and CO2 footprint and going on holiday in a climate wise. Relaxing and enjoying sustainable holiday destinations gives people more and more the feeling that they can go on holiday with a clear conscience. An example of this are the BIO HOTELS, one of the largest associations of environmentally friendly hotels, of which there are more than 100 in Europe. All these hoteliers buy the food and drinks locally as much as possible, the energy is generated in an environmentally friendly way, the waste is processed in a sustainable way and the wellness is of course built from natural materials from the area.


The  Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel is highly recommended, less than an hour’s drive from Innsbruck airport. Pamper yourself between the mountain peaks of Innsbruck and surroundings, combine a city trip with a stay in this sustainable BIO-Hotel in the largest larch reserve in Europe, where you relax in a Lärchen Kräutersauna where local herbs are infused with water drops.


You can relax during a specially developed Me-time health program in one of the most luxurious wellness hotels in Austria, the Alpenresort Schwarz in Mieming. The most sustainable hotel in the world is the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort op Aruba. They are the first hotel in the world to win the prestigious Global United Nations 2020 Climate Action Award for Climate Neutral Now.


Reis en wellness trends 2022

8. Natural products, local entrepreneurs and beautiful crafts


In terms of wellness products, too, people are increasingly opting to support local entrepreneurs and enjoy all the beauty of our own soil. We buy wellness food from the farmer, you can enjoy all the beauty of the sea with the luxuriously pure (nde) line of sea cosmetics from Zjí Sea Wellness from Cadzand. You can buy warm slippers made of sheep’s wool on Texel and you can crawl under a sustainable duvet with a clear conscience with Yumeko Amsterdam.


Lieke Lamb: “Consciously dealing with the earth’s raw materials, being frugal with plastic, waste, taxing nature and the environment and transparency about where something comes from, is becoming increasingly self-evident these days.”


Natural body care is becoming increasingly important! One of the biggest trends is perhaps the sustainable sunscreen that you can apply ‘worry-free’ and that is ‘Reef Safe’. The wellness products of The Organic Pharmacy arose from the need for ‘better beauty’. The Irish We Are Paradoxx is the world’s first 90% plastic free care brand and the Scandinavian beauty products and natural Nordic Lifestyle products are quickly gaining popularity.


In our search for the benefits of alpaca wool, we came across the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. The beautiful craft of wool weaving is done in one of the oldest weaving mills in the country by McNutt of Donegal who make the most beautiful Wellness Lifestyle products. In the Netherlands, among others, The Knitwit Stable is committed to a sustainable clothing industry. And we discovered a very nice Dutch webshop that sells honest, handmade products from various (small) workshops in Europe. More information can be found in our extensive  Woolness Wellness Special.


Be surprised by beautiful natural products and enjoy that you not only have a unique and authentic product in your hands, but also a beautiful product with character. As far as we are concerned, that is the charm of beautiful natural Wellness Lifestyle products.


In the marketing trends for the travel and leisure industry, Red Online Marketingalso refers to a study in which it is likely that consumers will continue to have a stronger preference for luxury, well-known and local brands.


Digitaal Wellness Lifestyle Magazine

9. Special wellness experiences and wellness themed trips


Many travelers consciously opt for an experience or theme trip such as Wine & WellnessBeer & WellnessChocolate & WellnessWellness & DrinksWellness & RomanticWoolness, Avontuur & Wellness, Horseriding & WellnessWintersports & WellnessSpa & Golf travel etc.


Sleep in tree housesdomes of bubbles with a hottub and a sauna in front. Bubbles under the northern lightsbathing in a tree trunk in the Black Forest in Germanyvinotherapy in a winebath, visit a beerspa or step into an apple, milk bath or wool bath. The Apfelhotel Torgglerhof Farmhouse with a Bio Apple Sauna is unique in the world and has been awarded an  Ahead Europe Award for its great design.


You can experience a special sauna experience this year in Estonia, where the first World Sauna Race will be held on June 22, 2022. You can cool down after a sauna visit at the special Artic Bath hotel in Swedish Lapland.


Wellness Spots

10. Create your Wellness Lifestyle


Your house should be a home where you can unwind and relax. Especially in this time when we spend more time at home, it is more important than ever. One of the color trends for 2022 are soothing and soft colors that are used in the Simple & Slow, back to nature, Wabi Sabi and sustainable living trends.


People are increasingly consciously opting for beautiful lifestyle products that last for years. Soft merino wool plaidsluxurious towels for the bathroom, fluffy loungewear for at home, a design aroma diffuser and a Spa Sensation with the new Ruby detergent. Nice to know is that the Robijn Spa Sensation commercial was recorded in a Japanese atmosphere in a very beautiful private sauna in Brabant. People who have a large garden rent a mobile sauna or hottub and those who do not have one choose a massage at home.


Cooking enthusiasts can prepare wellness food at home using the Collagen cookbook or try the tasty recipes of The Wellness Lifestyle curated by renowned chef Daniel Orr (Chef D) and wellness coach Kelly Baute (Dr. K). You clean your house with cleaning products that look like beautiful beauty products. Great, because a nice and fresh house also means a clean head and peace of mind.


♥ Discover all our Japanese Wellness Lifestyle tips.


Een mooie huid van binnenuit met Collageenkookboek

The 8 wellness dimensions that you can distinguish


  1. social wellness
  2. physical wellness
  3. spiritual wellness
  4. emotional wellness
  5. preventive wellness
  6. intellectual wellness
  7. social wellness
  8. financial health and well-being.


Emotional wellness can include personal growth, stress management and an optimistic outlook on life. With physical wellness you can think of (sub)consciousness and health. The fact that it is important to keep developing yourself is a form of intellectual wellness and standing up for natural beauty, green and sustainable living is part of social wellness.


In our opinion, many more people should provide a me-time moment, take the time to really reflect on who you are, what you want and how you can add preventive wellness into your life. Spiritual wellness is the way in which you give direction and purpose to your life and that can be, but does not have to be vague.


Don’t forget the social wellness. In Finland, one of the happiest countries in the world, it is the order of the day to meet in a sauna and chat while sweating, a bathhouse is a meeting place in Arab countries. It is possible with family and friends, but business meetings can also take place in a sauna or bathhouse. Limiting social contacts is something that everyone has fallen short of in the past year. Skin hunger and psychological suffering is one of the consequences of the crisis we have entered. Unfortunately, many people are also confronted with the fact that financial health is no longer as it was.


Kleur trends 2021 natuurtinten

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